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Drive Traffic and Improve Online Brand Visibility!

Brand Basic | $749.00 Monthly

Brand Professional |  $1499.00 Monthly

BRAND Elite |  $2499.00 Monthly

Brand Professional $1499.00 Monthly
$4000 one time onboarding fee
**Includes BUILD-A-BRAND PACKAGE Brand management is the Complete Done-For-You reputation management solution for Local Businesses. Hear what your customers are saying about your business on review sites, blogs and social networks. Let our team monitor and respond to your negative and positive reviews. 
Choose your Service(s) included under Bulk Hour Time:

Website Development
e-Commerce Development
Website Redesign/edits
Video Production and Animation
Search Engine Optimization
e-Newsletter Marketing
Logo Design
Ad Campaign Design
Marketing Collateral Design
Data Entry

Brand Management
Brand management is the Complete Done-For-You reputation management for Local Businesses including posting in 3 social media platforms 4 times per week. 
With Reputation Management you can expect:

Presence Builder 
Profile Sync 
Listing Distributions 
Review Management 
Dashboard and Alerts
Social Marketing Dashboard 
Visibility Premium
Social Media Posting*
Listing Sync Pro

Customer Service in 2018 Lives online
We will monitor your reviews 24/7/365.
Every review that comes in for your business will be responded to by our agents.
You have 24hrs to approve our response or we will just send on your behalf!  
Get found everywhere
Distribute your company information to the four major data providers, who will distribute your listing to 300+ sites, including search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yelp, review sites and directories.
Generate your location(s) in 12 popular navigation systems, including eight car manufactures
Protect listings from unwanted changes by third parties
Online influencers can change listing info without warning. Listing Sync re-establishes the accurate data if anything changes.

Presence Builder – 


Improve your businesses search presence with Location Pages. Create responsive, mobile-friendly sites for your company within minutes. Business owners can update them without any coding knowledge. 

•    Create a fully responsive site
•    Match your brand to a wide variety of pre-made           templates
•    Include clear calls to action to maximize                         conversions


Profile Sync - 

•    Push out the correct business information to                  Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
•    Update information just once and have it                        dispersed to all profiles
•    Make sure the social data remains up-to date


Listing Distributions – 

•    Push out the correct business information to                  Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
•    Update information just once and have it                        dispersed to all profiles


Listing Distributions – 

•    With Brand Management you can guarantee your        online listings will be accurate across all of their            key sources. Distribute your company information        to the four major data providers, who will                      distribute your listing to 300+ sites, including                search engines, review sites and directories

Reputation Management Dashboard and Alerts – We give our clients the ability to: 

•    Hear what customers are saying about your                    businesses on review sites, blogs and social                    networks
•    Ensure your online listings are consistent across           the Internet 
•    Monitor your employee’s activity on social media
•    See how your online presence compares to the competition 
•    Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve online presence

Social Management Dashboard – We give you the ability to: 

•    Interact directly with new customers and expand your audience
•    Discover and republish content to engage with your social audience
•    Respond to clients on multiple social platforms from one place 
•    Monitor multiple Facebook, Twitter, Google Linked In and Foursquare accounts from one easy – to use location 
•    Schedule your content and have it published at a later date

Visibility Premium – 

Digital Agents (with your assistance) will claim listings on Google+, Bing, yelp and Gmail address and password required. 

Review Management – 

Brand Management Digital Agents monitor and respond to negative and positive reviews. Commences once profiles are claimed. Includes negative mention monitoring. 

Concierge Service – 
How it works – 

Step 1 – The business owner has a call with the Digital Agent to determine their needs and expectations of the full service experience. 


Step 2 – The Digital Analyst carries out monthly task, including correcting online listings, monitoring and replying online to review and more. 


Step3- Detailed performance reports are automatically generated and emailed to clients at the end of every month. 

Social Posting – 

Includes four posts per week on Facebook, Twitter and Google +